Parking at The Village Hall

On 1 October 2020, HVH Management Committee implemented car park regulations that match up with many other local village halls. We’ve also bought a CCTV system that will be installed during October.

This is necessary because there is a general belief in the village that anyone can park their car(s) at the village hall at any time for free.  Local estate agents have reinforced this belief through individual adverts or conversations with prospective buyers.   Now, the amount of unauthorised parking at the hall is excessive. 

In fact, the only people with a right to park at the village hall are patrons – while they are using the hall.  

We’ve invited a small, limited number of people to apply to be permit holders.  They’ll pay an annual fee as part of a specific contract with the Management Committee.  We’ll issue these permits so that our closest neighbours who have parking difficulties can park safely without inconveniencing other residents or hall patrons.  The fees are reasonable enough to ensure that they are affordable, contribute to the hall’s maintenance, and do not displace the parking problem to other areas of the village.

From time to time, other people find that they need to park in the village and cannot find a safe or convenient place to park.  We can cater for such temporary events and often give permission for people to use the car park specifically and temporarily.  

For example, Stone Ramblers regularly ask for permission to park cars during the day so that they can use the many footpaths in and around Hilderstone.  Every time that they do this, they ask permission and leave us a reasonable donation for parking.  

Anyone wanting to use the village hall car park temporarily must contact us in advance explaining their circumstances and seeking permission to park.  Once permission is granted, we expect a reasonable donation.  

To leave a donation, either put it: 

  • in an envelope and post it through the hall’s letterbox or 
  • straight into the blue postbox by the telegraph pole at the side of the hall.

If you have any queries about parking at the village hall, please contact:

The Treasurer on
The Bookings Secretary on

Or call 07810 332559. 

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